Renovagen are the company behind a portable carpet-like solar energy production system which stores generated energy in batteries in a steel housing. The unit in which the spool of panels are housed has lifting rings on the top which can be attached to helicopters so that the unit can be dropped by air almost anywhere in the world.

How they’re disrupting

With 25% of the world’s population without a power supply, often due to difficulty of reaching location, Renovagen offers a solar energy solution that can reach almost every corner of the earth, and can be dropped in and rolled out, working in a matter of minutes. Renovagen is expected to be used for disaster relief where power systems have been knocked out, by armies on the move, and in mining stations located in areas without any power.

Disruption potential

Currently approximately 24% of the world is off-grid.

Investments and future

Renovagen has received £300,000 of equity crowdfunding to date via Crowdcube. The company are currently crowdfunding for between £600,000 – £1,000,000 to take the product to market.