Nextdoor is a social network for people to interact with others who live in their physical neighborhoods (think facebook for specific postal codes). Users can leverage their network of neighbours to do anything from organising neighbourhood watch schemes to finding babysitters.

How they’re disrupting

With official sources of local news hollowing out, and more people choosing to spend their evenings on the internet, the Nextdoor platform is a useful tool for keeping communities in the loop within their neighborhood. Unlike simple groups on other social networking sites, Nextdoor can ensure users are genuinely from within the neighbourhood by using a credit card verification method, providing a truly local network.

Disruption potential

There are 2.3 billion people worldwide already using some form of social media.

Investments and future

Founded in 2010, Nextdoor’s most recent $110m series D round led by Redpoint and Insight Venture Partners took its investment total to a massive $210m, launching them into the billion dollar valuation club. In December 2015 the company launched Nextdoor Now, an on-demand feature allowing to users to execute ‘casual labor’ exchange, after realising this behaviour was already happening on the platform informally. The feature is being rolled across the US in 2016.