Impossible Foods is transforming the global food system by creating delicious alternatives to meats and dairy which happen to be good for people and the planet. Nice. Or in the words of their founder Patrick O. Brown “disruptive technology to make meat and dairy products in a new, more sustainable way.”

How they’re disrupting

For thousands of years we’ve relied on animals to turn plants into meat. Animal farming is considered one of the biggest environmental threats on the planet today. Impossible Foods, employing a small army of scientists, have brought together specific proteins and nutrients to recreate the look, feel, smells and tastes of the foods we love. In turn requiring less land, water, emissions and energy to produce.

Disruption potential

Global changes in human health, climate change, water resources and animal welfare.

Investments and future

With investors ranging from Bill Gates to UBS they have raised $182 million over 4 rounds. Not surprising when you consider the perfect storm of rising health concerns relating to meat consumption, global demand increasing costs, and the environmental concerns about animal agriculture. It’s forecasted that by 2054, meat alternatives will comprise 33% of the overall protein market, up from 2% today.