Go1 is software that allows you to train your staff or customers. You can quickly create your own courses or use one of their existing pre-built courses. The company helps organisations to better train their employees by allowing them to create highly customised online training and eLearning programs, using their own material or from a library of popular courses. Companies can upload any powerpoint or web document to the platform which then automatically converts it to a format for employees to download.

How they’re disrupting

The service allows companies to cut down on the time and cost spent on training staff. Gone are the days of sending staff offsite for days at a time. Training can now be provided from anywhere with an internet connection.

Disruption potential

Replacing staff costs UK businesses over £4 billion a year. Much of this could be saved by training current staff to skill up.

Investments and future

Go1 have received $1.36 million investment to date. This includes $1 million from Steve Baxter and Tank Stream Ventures. The team are currently working with Oxford University, to support market advancement in the UK and Australia.