The dispenser is built with a number of sensors which detect adherence to customisable medication programmes. It provides discrete alerts and interventions to patients after prolonged non-adherence via automated phone calls, text messages and app alerts, as well as on-bottle reminders.

How they’re disrupting

The smart bottles created by AdhereTech collect and send all the data obtained directly to their servers to allow real time analyses and creates alerts accordingly. Not only useful for those adhering to personal prescriptions, but also useful in monitoring the progress of those partaking in clinical trials, reducing human errors that could potentially invalidate test results.Their dispenser works like a regular prescription pill bottle (albeit a larger, easier to open cap) meaning patients don’t need any cumbersome monitoring equipment.

Disruption potential

In the US alone, failure to take prescribed medicine costs the healthcare system an average of $300bn a year.

Investments and future

AdhereTech took part in the Blueprint Health accelerator scheme back in 2011 and have since raised $2.35m in two funding rounds, the most recent of which was $1.75m in July 2014. The company, which now has active customer engagements with a number of top healthcare firms, has no immediate plans to start another funding round at this stage.