YesBoss offers a virtual assistant that will get you anything you want, as long as it’s legal! Simply send a text, wait on average four to seven minutes, and read your reply. YesBoss was launched in June 2015, and it claimed to have secured over 100,000 processed requests. The cost of the service is built into the final cost of the product or service that YesBoss helped arrange.

How they’re disrupting

With mobile penetration of 130% in Indonesia, one stat you don’t often hear is that the majority are ‘dumb’ phones, not smartphones, and that SMS is still the preferred choice over data subscriptions. With so many working-class Indonesians (let alone the rest of the world) without access to the internet, disrupting using SMS seems to make a lot of sense.

Disruption potential

Anyone who has a phone, wants something and doesn’t want to get off their sofa. YesBoss estimate the Indonesian market to be worth $18 billion.

Investments and future

To date, YesBoss have secured an undisclosed six-figure seed investment from 500 Startups, Convergence Ventures and IMJ Investment Partners. With funding behind them they have recently acquired Philippines-based virtual personal assistant service HeyKuya, and have focussed the team on developing an artificial intelligence auto response system capable of processing natural and ‘text’ language. Something they’ll absolutely need to achieve real scale.