Windward is a data analytics company bringing incomparable visibility to the maritime domain. The company’s data platform, the Windward Mind, analyzes, organizes and vets hundreds of millions of data points per day, creating a proprietary layer of data and analytics on ship and cargo movements worldwide. This unique data platform is invaluable to any industry touching the maritime domain and is already in use by decision makers across multiple industries, from security agencies who need to identify threats at sea to fishing authorities combatting illegal fishing to players in the financial sector who need to know the reality of the world’s seaborne commodity flows.

How they’re disrupting

While 90% of the world’s trade happens by sea, global maritime data is disjointed, analogue and often inaccurate, due to multiple factors from technical corruption to false reporting and intentional manipulation. The Windward Mind is the only analytics platform in the world which aggregates and vets global maritime data 24/7, to provide the most accurate view of what’s truly at sea. According to Founder, Ami Daniel, “The oceans are the last analogue market and the world’s missing data link.”

Disruption potential

90% of the world’s trade happens via shipping.

Investments and future

Windward has $17.3 million of equity funding to date, including investment from Horizons Ventures, Aleph, former Head of the CIA General David Petraeus, and former CEO of Thomson Reuters Tom Glocer. The company’s growth plans revolve around making maritime data available to the many industries and sectors that are impacted by what’s happening at sea.