Voltera is developing a printer that enables circuit boards to be prototyped and printed within minutes. And when you consider that every new electronic device needs a circuit board, and that traditional circuit board fabrication has pretty lengthy development time, this could be a beautiful game changer.

How they’re disrupting

Creating circuit boards uses small amounts of copper. When prototyping, if you need to remove unneeded portions, you’ll need to use toxic chemicals. Voltera have put all that to one side. Using nanotechnology smarts, they’re using ink containing silver particles which when heated up, fuse to creating electricity-conducting pathways. Easier and faster prototyping means more innovation.

Disruption potential

Accelerating manufacturing innovation globally across B2C and B2B.

Investments and future

In 2015 Voltera scooped $50,000 as the winner of Techcrunch Hardware Battlefield competition and $60,000CAD for the James Dyson Award. They also raised $500,000 on Kickstarter with 938 backers. As for their future? Having moved part of their team out to China for manufacturing purposes,and with the Internet of Things revolution in full flow, their future should be bright.