UMotif is a health tracking app that lets patients and healthcare providers monitor symptoms and well being. The app is free to download, allowing users to keep a health diary that is either made anonymously available to a global health study, or sent directly to their doctor or clinician.

How they’re disrupting

The majority of Parkinson’s disease sufferers only see their doctor on average twice a year, resulting in a huge gap in knowledge about the condition. Umotif have created an app for sufferers which analyses data recorded from simple games and tests over a 100 day period, in a world-first smartphone powered study. If it succeeds, it will be the world’s largest data set of its kind.

Disruption potential

6.3 million people worldwide suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Investments and future

Umotif are hoping to secure around $2m in funding to support their Parkinson’s disease project. If the project is a success, the company hopes to use the platform to conduct more smartphone powered studies into other diseases.