uBEAM transmits high frequency sound (inaudible to humans and pets) to receivers actively requesting power. Acting as a microphone, these receivers pick up the sound and convert it into usable electrical energy.

How they’re disrupting

Their ambition is to make wireless power as pervasive as WiFi. TVs will sit in the middle of a room cord-free and light fixtures will become ‘stick-on’ without the need for routed power. Your personal devices will charge whether at home, work or on the move. Batteries will become smaller and thinner, and devices much lighter.

Disruption potential

The consumer electronics market worth set to reach $838 billion by 2020.

Investments and future

Beginning with a $750k seed round in 2012, the business has now raised close to $25 million. Investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Founders Fund and Ludlow Ventures to name a few. Poor battery life is the modern day consumer’s bugbear and big brands are already circling uBEAM. Whether these will translate to strategic investments or an acquisition we’ll have to wait and see.