Regardless of how talented a singer or musician you are, getting signed is incredibly difficult. Tradiio aims to make getting heard and creating a following easier. Tradiio is a music app for web and mobile which blends streaming with direct-to-fan recurring payments for artists. Music fans have the ability to discover the best emerging artists through crowd curation. Artists can then monetize their fan base through inviting their fans to join their Circle (beta), where they can provide exclusive content and behind the scenes access in exchange for monthly recurring payments.

How they’re disrupting

No other platform has effectively blended music streaming with direct-to-fan crowdfunding. Tradiio looks to be the ultimate platform for not only launching artists’ careers, but also providing a sustainable way for them to monetise their content. For the fan, such deep involvement in an artist’s story is a completely new concept. The power of this combination is limitless and absolutely scaleable.

Disruption potential

Global music streaming is worth $7 billion and is fast growing. Music based crowdfunding is worth $0.7 billion and is fast growing. A combination of the two could drive much needed revenue towards emerging artists and also back into the music industry as a whole.

Investments and future

They have $1.7 million of funding secured to date with current support from Whitespace Ventures and Espirito Santo Ventures.