Touch Surgery creates accurate and valuable surgical content, disseminating the best techniques and procedures to improve the quality of surgery worldwide. The app is built on the idea that cognitive decision making should be mastered before theatre. Using the app users can perform each stage of an operation on their mobile or tablet.

How they’re disrupting

The app has been dominating the app store in the US for medical apps and now is spreading its reach to other platforms – with a particular focus on virtual reality (VR). They launched their first VR procedure on the Oculus Rift and the 3D tablet computer, zSpace. With over 300,000 users worldwide, its creators claim they ‘have reached a surgeon in every country in the world’.

Disruption potential

The medical simulation market is set to be worth $2 billion by 2019.

Investments and future

Having raised a £1.5m seed from Episode 1, Touch Surgery’s training software is set to improve continuously as VR platforms develop motion control interactivity, perfectly suited for the company’s VR application, Touch Surgery 3D.