Tinybop have developed a series of education apps rooted in the inquiry-based learning method, which maintains that teaching is less about feeding kids facts and more about guiding them to ask the right questions. The apps provide gamified insight into big ideas, how things work, and connections about the world we live in.

How they’re disrupting

Parents continue to be torn between allowing their children ‘screen’ time and wanting this time to be as educational as possible. Tinybop is unique in its understanding that education apps designed for ‘leisure time’ need to follow the same principles as children’s free play when away from screens, allowing them to follow their instincts and curiosity to learn freely without the boundaries and pressure that additional instructions and guidelines would pose. These apps allow children to take their own learning journey. Real-world learning through play is realised.

Disruption potential

Smart education market predicted to be worth $450 billion by 2020.

Investments and future

Founded in 2011, Tiny Bop has received $6 million of funding to date, with investment from RRE Ventures, KEC Ventures and Two Sigma Ventures in their $5m Series A round. The future like for many of these education apps is to attempt to expand to a global audience, and in particular broker the large asian markets. Founder Gutierrez said that Tinybop is building a “constellation of apps” with a release rate of one app every three to four months.