doppel delivers tactile stimulation on the wrist. It’s an on-demand, user-controlled vibration applied through a wristband. Like listening to music, a fast rhythm helps you to feel more alert, a slower rhythm is calming. But with doppel you can focus, there’s no noise and no distraction. The product is still at prototype stage with manafucturing underway in China. The final product will be a wrist band connected via Bluetooth to a smarthphone app where the user can choose their preferred up or down beat.

How they’re disrupting

Royal Holloway College, University of London ran independent tests exploring doppel’s effect on focus. Their main interest was whether Doppel would enhance alertness using the Psychomotor Vigilance Task (PVT) – a sustained-attention, reaction-timed task. The results clearly showed doppel increases the ability to sustain attention.

Disruption potential

Everyone could do with a little doppel in their life, providing users a natural support to feeling relaxed or maintaining alertness.

Investments and future

With £60,000 in grants from places like Deutsche Bank and the UK government-funded Innovate UK, doppel successfully raised £111,194 on Kickstarter with 820 backers. At the time of writing, doppel is not yet publicly available, although due to be shipped anytime now. Having already won Pitch @ Palace People’s Choice Award 2015 in March and then the ICTomorrow Wearables Innovation Competition in April the future’s looking bright for doppel.