Talent Rank is an app environment for ambitious candidates to prove and improve their raw business skills. Users are immersed into an interactive game, dealing with real markets and real people; each a stream of fresh situations for their judgement to be tested, quantified and ranked. This pioneering apparatus trains young talent and delivers objective, differential data to assessors. Talent Rank’s raw data collected from users also provides a forward-looking sentiment stream for market trading/risk insights.

How they’re disrupting

The platform is providing a high standard of online learning experience that is free to all, reducing the gap between education and network advantage and employability. Talent Rank is tackling the problem of young people not been given on-job experience to gain entrance into particular sectors. Instead, they provide online experience that is seen as relevant to potential employers.

Disruption potential

In the UK alone, almost 1 million young people are not in employment, education or training.

Investments and future

Talent Rank were winners of the Mass Challenge Silver Award in 2015, and received undisclosed equity investment from Microsoft Ventures later in the year. The company recently took part in Accenture’s Fintech Innovation Lab in Q1 2016. The 21 companies that have passed through the London program before now have on average increased revenues by 170% since participating in the Lab.