TaDaweb allows non-technical users to generate live data feeds than can be viewed in reports from constantly changing and updating web data. Any online information can be pulled – from social media, search engines, specific websites to online databases such as Factiva or Lexis Nexis. TaDaweb provide a graphical interface that is easy to use and which shows multiple data sources in one place which can then be translated, monitored or shared with colleagues in a collaborative online platform.

How they’re disrupting

TaDaweb is flipping the “big data” market on its head. Their small data approach enables customers to get highly specific and personalised data from the Internet. And it’s in real-time. This is a huge challenge for big data solutions as they currently focus on future predictions, trends and visualisations.

Disruption potential

The value of the European data market is set to become €111 billion by 2020. And ‘small data’ is fast becoming big business within the data space.

Investments and future

TaDaweb has received €2 million in funding to date to support work within the government sector, targeting 200 government departments globally over next 3 years. They report some clients are already paying 6 figure sums for the platform and plans to be working across the media, fraud and counterfeiting markets over the next 5 years.