Sniffphone is an Israeli startup developing a device which connects to a smartphone and analyses breath to alert patients of lung cancer biomarkers. Cancerous lung tumours produce chemicals with a discernable ‘smell’ profile, and the Sniffphone device can detect these to a high degree of accuracy.

How they’re disrupting

The Sniffphone device is cheaper than current cancer detection tools, consumes very little power, and enables accurate and non-invasive early diagnosis. The clip on phone attachment could facilitate faster therapeutic intervention, replacing expensive and time-consuming clinical follow-up that would eventually lead to the same intervention, and can also be used to detect other life-threatening diseases.

Disruption potential

Lung cancer is responsible for an estimated 1.6 million deaths a year.

Investments and future

Sniffphone received a $6.8m research grant to develop the device in 2015. Company founder Professor Haick is now looking for further investment to bring the product to market.