Surveying is time-consuming, expensive and sometimes dangerous on uneven terrain. Californian startup Skycatch is leveraging drone technology to offer high-res 3D mapping of construction sites with unparalleled detail. The drones use advanced HD imagery to survey sites, and send the data to a companion app to be analysed, stored, and shared for actionable results.

How they’re disrupting

Skycatch drones build a wealth of data about construction sites, using input not previously available. Surveys can be completed in less than 8 hours in comparison to an average 7 day turn around, providing huge financial savings alongside previously unattainable data.

Disruption potential

Using high resolution aerial data collected by Skycatch completely transforms the way industrial sites are surveyed, allowing companies to make smarter data-driven decisions, while saving time and drastically reducing costs. Skycatch can cost as little as an 1/8th the origonal cost of a survey project using more traditional tools and resources.

Investments and future

Founded in 2013, the venture has received plenty of attraction from investors who share the companies vision to disrupt the construction industry. The company completed a $22m Series B round in August 2015 to take total equity investment to $41.67m. And with the agricultural drones market worth set to reach $3.69 Billion by 2022, Skycatch’s mapping technology is likely to be of use across industries.