US-based wearables startup Sensoria Fitness has developed a bio-sensing anklet and sensor infused socks that provide step counting, speed, calories, altitude, and distance tracking data as well as tracking cadence, foot landing technique, and weight distribution as users walk and run.

How they’re disrupting

Injuries related to running affect up to 85% of runners a year, and the majority of those injuries are caused by poor technique. Sensoria’s technology analyses running style through a number of sensors, and adjustment feedback is then fed through headphones in real-time with suggested corrections, reducing the chance of injury from poor technique.

Disruption potential

There are 54 million runners in the US alone, of which 85% sustain running related injuries at some stage.

Investments and future

Sensoria Fitness completed their $5m Series A back in July 2014 to bring total published equity funding to $5.56m. The company showcased their 2016 Sensoria wearables collection at this year’s CES event, where it announced plans to embed the technology into third-party footwear and clothing.