SAM modules are standalone, postage stamp-sized units outfitted with their own power source and wireless radio. Each can communicate with a PC-based app up to 45 feet away. In turn apps are written using a drag and drop interface making it beautifully simple for all ages, with no previous experience of coding necessary.

How they’re disrupting

SAM Labs is the first IoT development kit that integrates hardware, software and the internet. It means that you get to see the immediate output of your coding efforts in a real world sense. And with early years coding becoming increasingly important, a looming 1 million shortfall in computing jobs to students by 2020, and the IoT market expected to grow to $11 trillion by 2025, SAM Labs are set for an interesting road ahead.

Disruption potential

Coding will be as important to the future generations as literacy and numeracy is to ours. SAM Labs could be the first step to geting the world’s kids interested in coding.

Investments and future

SAM Labs successfully raised £125,000 on Kickstarter back in 2014. Since then it appears to have been a little quiet on the funding rounds however they’ve most recently been selected for Tech City’s Upscale initiative – a programme designed to provide them access with some of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs from Niklas Zennström (Skype) to Simon Claver (LoveFilm).