Rotageek is an online platform which empowers employers to manage staff schedules and gain greater operational oversight of their business. Employers can create and publish schedules, track annual leave, manage staff across multiple locations and share this information with staff and colleagues instantly.

How they’re disrupting

The cloud-based platform uses intelligent and data driven scheduling, using indicators like predicted shop floor footfall and employee preference to algorithmically generate optimal staff schedules. The software allows companies to better match staffing capacity to customer demand. By using the platform, high street giants 02 were able to save £2.5M of annual staff time through more effective scheduling of over 6,300 hours per week, over 267 UK stores.

Disruption potential

There are 3.5 million shift workers in the UK alone.

Investments and future

Winners of the Elevator Pitch’s Most Disruptive Startup Award in 2015, Rotageek received £557,000 in July 2015 from six angel investors, on top of a £100,000 investment from Wayra in October 2014, plus a £52,000 convertible note in July of that year. The company now aims to take the software global to simplify scheduling worldwide.