Product Hunt is a rapidly growing community of entrepreneurs, VCs, techies and marketers. At last count, 90,000 subscribers collaborate recommending and rating, using a simple upvote, products from around the world. As a result, you have a beautiful curated list of the very latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects and tech creations.

How they’re disrupting

Growing from a simple email share, Product Hunt has captured the attention of tech influencers and investors from around the world. And for startup owners, if you do get featured, you’re guaranteed a pretty decent spike in traffic thanks to the millions Product Hunt attracts to its site.

Disruption potential

It’s not hard to imagine a Product Hunt for music, fashion, electronics and a whole world of other sectors.

Investments and future

To date they’ve raised $7.1 million in funding and last year won ‘Best Startup’ at Techcrunch’s Crunchi Awards. They’re set to roll out a redesigned mobile app this year and have ambitions to ‘make a big difference in how products are discovered in areas outside of tech’.