With a deaf dad, Zach the founder of Particle, explored how he could get a light to flash when his dad received a text message. Roll forward a few years and Particle is helping consumers develop the products, sensors and actuators that help consumers connect any device to the internet. It has created a set of developer kits to enable people to build their own physical prototypes and connect their hardware to the internet.

How they’re disrupting

Having shipped hundreds of thousands of products around the world, Particle have moved from the hobbyist connecting their coffee machine to their alarm clock, to enabling industrial engineers to innovate with IoT in their workplace. They’re currently rolling out a new cellular product which offers a reprogrammable circuit board which can be used anywhere.

Disruption potential

IoT will soon be big business. By 2025, $11.1 trillion big.

Investments and future

With a successful initial Kickstarter campaign raising 60x it’s original funding goal of $10,000, they went on to raise a further $4.9 million in Series A funding before heading back to Kickstarter for a further $600,000. The IoT has received huge attention over the past few years; analysts now consider the hype to have been underestimated.