Orphidia is a US-based startup empowering people by putting healthcare information directly into their hands to improve their quality of life. They hope to compete with traditional labs, testing blood and other bodily fluids, by making testing convenient and in the home.

How they’re disrupting

The system being developed by the company uses a portable diagnostics tool to assess the health of a sample that is then digitally sent to a physician. With a single drop of blood, 40 lab-accurate tests can be provided in under 20 minutes for 1/10 the price. The system allows for earlier diagnosis through immediate blood testing, preventing diseases that could be treated more effectively if diagnosed earlier.

Disruption potential

There are a huge 12.6 million preventable deaths annually from conditions that could have been diagnosed earlier.

Investments and future

Orphidia received seed funding of $50k along with an undisclosed convertible note investment in 2015 from SOSV. The FDA regulatory process is a Class2 510(k), meaning it will be able to launch by 2017.