Rather than focussing on getting devices ‘talking’ to one-another, Neura pulls together data from users’ connected devices and creates relationships based on knowing behaviour patterns over time. Don’t worry, you’re coffee will still get brewing as your alarm goes off but the theory is it’ll all be a load smarter. They’re also big on data security, pledging to give users control over their profiles by letting them pick what data is shared with each service.

How they’re disrupting

Devices are connected into Neura’s platform through its API, with their technology analysing how each person uses his or her connected devices or software. That information is then used to create personalised functions, controlled by the users through its stand-alone app.

Disruption potential

The GSM Association predicts that there will be 24 billion connected devices by 2020.

Investments and future

Funding for Neura currently stands at $13 million, with their most recent Series A round of $11 million led by AXA Strategic Ventures and Pitango Venture Capita. The money raised is being used to promote their software development kit, create new partnerships with tech companies and of course, hire staff. Coming at IoT from a user’s perspective and with a focus on privacy, they might just have the competitive edge needed to lead the connected IoT space.