In 2010, the company first tested its technology by analysing data from baseball games to automatically write stories. Roll forward a few years and the company’s advanced natural language generation platform, Quill, is applicable across a wide range of industries – from financial portfolio data to employee performance. Quill analyses the data from a number of sources and understands what is interesting and important to the end user, automatically generating written narratives.

How they’re disrupting

Very simply Narrative Science allows companies to sift through large amounts of data more efficiently and surface relevant insights more quickly. Previously this would have been a resource-heavy activity, with the added benefit of unearthing levels of insight not previously possible when dealing with enormous volumes of data.

Disruption potential

The future of data is big business, reported to be worth $7 billion by 2020.

Investments and future

Narrative Science has raised a total of $32 million to date, most recently a $10 million Series D to give a stronger focus on enterprise clients. With clients including Deloitte, MasterCard, and the US intelligence community. In April, Narrative Science announced a partnership with Microsoft Power BI – the extension allows all users to access important insights from their data visualisations in the most intuitive, consumable way possible – dynamic, natural language narratives.