This chainless bike was created by a Polish inventor Marcin Piatkowski. It can go about 20 miles per hour with a 20-mile range and it is light enough to pedal if your battery runs out. It folds and so is easily portable, can be plugged into the mains to charge and provides an app to see how far you’ve gone, calories burned a map to show you the way.

How they’re disrupting

Potentially creating a greater movement of e-travel across cities. Encouraging petrol fuelled commuters to swap their cars and buses for an environmentally friendly alternative without worrying about being late for work or needing a shower once they arrive.

Disruption potential

6% of all urban trips are made by bike globally. With greater concerns and policy shifts to reduce CO2 pollution, the take up of cycling and in particular e-cycling is seen as significant in the battle to tackle climate change.

Investments and future

$1m funding to date. It’s estimated that at least 400,000 people cycle through New York and London alone each and every day. Both key markets for e-bikes.