Natural molecules or derivatives make up more than half of the current drugs on the market, with applications for nearly every disease known to humans. Hyasynth Bio is a Canadian biotech company who specialise in producing these, using a fast and scalable platform based on engineered microbes.

How they’re disrupting

The company uses industrial microorganisms to produce cannabinoids, the main active molecules found in marijuana. Similar in concept to insulin, cannabinoids produced by Hyasynth are cheaper, higher purity, and provide a better range of molecules, which means that they can tailor formulations and extracts to treat specific diseases for effectively.

Disruption potential

The market for cannabis is growing rapidly and expected to be at over $10 billion in the US alone by 2018. However, just a few of the top-selling drugs, which can potentially be replaced with cannabinoids, make over $45 billion in annual revenue, and the market for chronic pain management is $50 billion. Over 1.5 billion people worldwide could be treated using a cannabnoid-based therapeutic produced through Hyasynth’s supply chain.

Investments and future

The area of health outcome significance for Hyasynth Bio is broad. Cannabis has been associated with hundreds of different conditions ranging from mental illnesses, like depression and PTSD, as well as in treating chronic pain or even as an anti-cancer agent. Their impact will be a wide range of new cannabinoid-based therapeutics that exceed the effectiveness of medical marijuana, and other prescription drugs. The company has received $580k of Seed investment to date, with key investors including SOSV, Andrew Hessel and Ethan Perlstein.