The number of electronic devices per individual is on the up, and simultaneously they’re getting smaller and smaller. Humavox is building wireless charging solutions that can fit into the tiniest of electronic devices. With a focus on wearables and IoT, they’re using radio frequency waves to wirelessly charge electronic devices.

How they’re disrupting

Humavox are disrupting on two axis. The first is the size of their receiving unit which is millimetres in length and thus able to fit into the smallest of devices – from wearables, healthtech monitors to hearing aids. The second is their ‘charging stations’ which can be any shape – whether it be a drawer, a bowl or even your car’s cup holder. The technology provides a drop & charge experience for users unlike competitors, eliminating the need for exact placement or alignment for effective charging.

Disruption potential

The wireless charging market is forecasted to be worth £13.7 billion by 2020.

Investments and future

It is reported that Humavox secured slightly over $5m in seed funding since its inception in 2010. In 2014 the company received the ECN Impact award as ‘Market Disruptor’ and Frost & Sullivan GIL award for its achievements.