Humanihut is an Australian startup producing short, medium or long-term housing for people fleeing natural disaster, violence or persecution. The robust pop-up shelters, which can sleep up to six with power, fresh water, tables and beds, can be customised to meet the specific environmental, economic and cultural needs of the community.

How they’re disrupting

A Humanihut can be constructed in as little as 5 minutes by a small team, meaning a 16 hut village with toilets and showers can be erected in less than two hours. The pre-constructed foldable containers are designed to slot together and be transported on pallets or in containers by air, sea, road or rail. A cost-effective, innovative solution that has the potential to save international aid agencies millions of dollars.

Disruption potential

On average 42,500 people a day are displaced by conflict and persecution.

Investments and future

A AUD $50k grant from the Australian Government supported the cost of developing prototypes in 2015 for marketing and testing purposes, building on earlier Government funding to support the initial design concept. Testing and evaluation of a finalised design allowed Humanihut to attract $1 million in private investment to further progress the work required to commercialise the product, which they began manufacturing in March 2016.