Israeli startup Hip Hope have developed a revolutionary smart belt designed to mitigate fall severity and protect the hip during falls. The belt uses multiple sensors integrated into the belt to identify impending collisions and automatically deploy a personal airbag over the hip when a fall is detected, reducing impact forces by up to 90%.

How they’re disrupting

Falls are the leading cause of death due to injury among the elderly worldwide. Hip-Hope recently partnered with IoT platform Atomation to develop software for their smart belt which identifies fall incidents and significant motion event data, and sends an alert in realtime to pre-selected contacts. The data can then be analysed to provide valuable feedback for product design improvement.

Disruption potential

95% of hip fractures in adults aged 65 and older are caused by a fall resulting in annual medical costs of $30 billion in US

Investments and future

Hip Hope’s smart belt won the MEDinISRAEL Innovation award in 2015. The venture completed its Series A round in May 2015, with lead investment from Keiretsu Forum Northwest, and hope to launch their product at the end of 2016 Europe and the USA.