Highbrow simultaneously solves the pain-points of ‘conscientious parents’ and ‘independent content creators’, curating extracurricular & educational content sourced from independent creators, delivered via subscription, on-demand and advertising free.

How they’re disrupting

Highbrow is squarely disrupting the children’s commercial content model by putting in place an economic model for the creation and delivery of ‘healthy children’s content’ (content which enriches, educates as well as entertains). Highbrow rejects the bias of children’s commercial content towards amusement and eliminates the unfair nature of advertising targeting children by leveraging streaming technology to safely deliver content around the world. Highbrow’s is positioned to benefit from a virtuous circle of parents looking to Highbrow to meet their children’s screen-time, leading to improved monetisation for ‘independent content creators’, resulting in increased production of ‘healthy children’s content’, leading to increased depth and breadth of choice of ‘healthy children’s content’ on Highbrow and beyond.

Disruption potential

Shifting global standards with respect to the quality and value of a children’s’ screen-time – a £2bn+ run-rate revenue market opportunity.

Investments and future

Highbrow has been entirely bootstrapped and managed by a husband and wife team, Rahul and Priyanka Raswant, who firmly believe, Highbrow is a necessity in today’s day and age. In addition, to deploying their life savings to get Highbrow to market and cross over into post-revenue territory, the team is now adding two additional team members and raising their first round of seed capital. Based on comparable company analysis and projected subscriber additions, Highbrow aims to achieve $100 million valuation by 2020.