GyroGear is the UK-based venture behind the GyroGlove, a glove worn by the user to reduce hand tremors and improve quality of life. The product was designed by a multidisciplinary team from Imperial College London. The team seeks to improve the lives of those suffering from tremors, as seen in Essential Tremor and Parkinson’s disease.

How they’re disrupting

The lightweight, unobtrusive glove sits on the back of the wearer’s hand, with a mechanical gyroscope system stabilising the hand via counteraction. This is sufficient to allow those suffering from tremors to carry out everyday chores they were previously unable to do. Bench-top testing demonstrated a 90% reduction in a severe hand tremor. The team aims to dampen real-world tremors by 70%.

Disruption potential

200 million people suffer from hand tremors worldwide.

Investments and future

GyroGear won £10,000 from the F-Factor entrepreneurship prize, 2016. The GyroGlove has received international recognition, being named in the NT100 social tech guide, featured in multiple major publications from The Washington Post to CNN to the MIT Technology Review and Popular Science. The venture is now in the process of completing its first seed round, and is currently focusing on finalising the engineering design in order to bring the product to the hundreds of millions of people suffering from hand tremors worldwide. It is still on track to hand over to manufacture by the end of year.