Glisser socialises presentations through a simple app. Presenters or event organisers can push slides to audience devices one at a time as they are presented. Attendees can then write on them, mark them up and take them away just like a printed slide deck, but in electronic format. Glisser also integrates slide-by-slide ‘like’ voting, audience questions, Twitter, as well as polling and feedback slides integrated seamlessly within the original deck.

How they’re disrupting

For many years, PowerPoint presentations have been the go-to platform for event presenters to deliver their content, with slide after slide of statistics and buzzwords, which ultimately fail to get across the message or findings to the people they were intended for. Glisser is set to change the way people present their content, share their message and engage with the audience.

Disruption potential

A presentation shared with a room full of people now has the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of people across networking platforms and social media.

Investments and future

Founded in 2014, Glisser received undisclosed seed investment in January 2015 from Downing Ventures, Eamon Tuhami and Leonora Valvo. The company was also awarded the Gold Mass Challenge Award in the same year, receiving £25,000 of equity free investment.