Fringefy is the the next generation of visual search for mobile devices and wearables. It uses a Geo-Visual database to create a new information grid of points-of-interest, which enables real-time visual search of places in the outdoor urban environment. Point your phone camera at a building and be fed key information pooled from the internet.

How they’re disrupting

Fringefy can tell you everything there’s to know about a place, just by pointing your phone at it. There’s a large gap between the way we search and the way we think. Local search today is cumbersome and counter-intuitive. Fringefy fixes that through geo-visual technology.

Disruption potential

There are 2 billion smartphone users worldwide who could access new application.

Investments and future

A first funding round brought in just under $1 million and investments have been made by Super Ventures, Explore Ventures, Plus Ventures and 2B Angels. A new funding round is in progress and is earmarked toward expanding its app service to other cities.