The FitSense analytics platform is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) which allows insurance companies to integrate data from mobile and wearable devices to gather actionable insights, and provide more personalised insurance policies.

How they’re disrupting

Fitsense is designed to utilise data from a wide range of wearables and health tracking software to create rich customer profiles, and engage customers more by giving them the ability to actively reduce their premium costs, improving customer satisfaction and retention rates. By layering multiple data points and utilising machine learning, the software brings data into context to provide relevant insights to the insurer.

Disruption potential

80% of smartphone users collect some form of health data via their phone everyday.

Investments and future

FitSense were chosen to take part in Startupbootcamp’s 2016 Insurtech Accelerator programme, and are now seeking funding to close a £300k seed round. With this investment the company aims to become the premier wearable & mobile analytics provider to insurance companies with a user base of 1 million within 2 years.