There’s no one way to book a flight. Even if you “book on a Tuesday, fly on a Sunday”, or check a million travel sites for the best deal, you cannot guarantee the price of the flight won’t drop. The global aviation market is known for extreme volatility in ticket prices. Consumers don’t have access to information about the amount of seats sold and when a price change will occur. This information gap creates a belief that prices only increase, when in reality, prices continually fluctuate until the flight takes off.

How they’re disrupting

Established to bridge the information gap and solve the problem of volatility in ticket prices, FairFly uses innovative technology that continuously and automatically monitors ticket prices whether flying economy, business or first class. If the price of a flight drops, the customer is alerted right away, the best way to save time, effort and money. FairFly is the only travel company that benefits when you save money, not the other way aroundgiving customers the fairest price for their flight.

Disruption potential

Amazingly, people over-pay by $100 billion a year because they don’t check the prices after they booked a ticket.

Investments and future

Fairfly have received $2 million in funding to date, including investment from Blumberg Capital and Emery Capital.