Eora3D is a 3D scanner capable of cheaply digitising physical objects. The scanner projects a green laser beam which sweeps across the object and the smartphone controls the laser while photographing the object, capturing several images per second to track and map the contours of the object.

How they’re disrupting

Not only does it matches the quality of industrial 3D scanners at 1/100th the cost, it makes 3D scanning available to everyone. Well, everyone with a smartphone. And with experts describing 3D printing having a greater impact on the world over the next 20 years than all the innovations from the industrial revolution combined, making 3D scanning accessible to all could be a pretty powerful thing.

Disruption potential

From scanning items in-shop and printing them at home, to surgeons practicing on 3D printed models, the opportunity for disruption is cross-industry and will, in some way or another, affect us all.

Investments and future

Smashing their Kickstarter target by 600%, Eora3D successfully raised $599,925 with 2,139 backers. Whilst the 3D ‘revolution’ is still in its infancy, it’s forecasted to be worth $49.1 billion by 2025.