EnterpriseJungle build innovative, cloud based enterprise software: tools for large companies that give employees and employers competitive advantage by intelligently leveraging big data and cloud technology. Their suite of solutions take large amounts of data and provide previously unavailable business insights, in real-time.

How they’re disrupting

EnterpriseJungle’s products include the world’s first alumni management platform, EnterpriseAlumni, originally built for SAP to stay connected to alumni talent as well as drive sales and brand awareness. Companies can leverage alumni data for recruitment (boomerang hires and contingent labour), enhance CRM (locate alumni with business, sales and pipeline insights) and boost procurement (bring Alumni into your buying group). EnterpriseJungle are able to integrate data from hundreds of sources and populating solutions with real time, up to date information.

Disruption potential

The total enterprise IT marketplace is valued at $4 trillion. Within that, enterprise software represents $320bn and has highest growth in spending year-on-year. With an established product set and agiile approach to new enterprise solutions, EnterpriseJungle are perfectly placed.

Investments and future

To date EnterpriseJungle have raised a seed of $1.5m. They’re planning a Series A in 2016 to further support scaling of key products such as EnterpriseAlumni, recruit key hires and continue international growth.