eFishery is an automatic fish feeder for all types of fish. This tool can not only provide feed scheduled, with a dose efficient, and automatic, but also record every feed in real-time. Fish feeding traditionally eats up between 50-80% of all overhead costs in fish farming. Overfeeding negatively impacts the environment in many ways, with fish food ultimately going to waste. It also harms the health of a farmer’s stock. Conversely underfeeding has obvious negative impacts on stock. eFishery seeks to provide a solution to the occurrence of either.

How they’re disrupting

The result of unmeasured and inexact fish feeding methods on a commercial scale means monetary losses for farmers. eFishery offers an automatic smart feeder that uses sensors to measure the fish’s appetite and then dispense food appropriately. Designed for both small and large scale operations, the system can also deliver real–time reports of consumption straight to the farmer’s smartphone.

Disruption potential

Fishery market in Indonesia alone is worth $5.4 billion. Across SE Asia the fish export trade is valued at $71 billion.

Investments and future

The company has received $1.2 million investment to date with key investment from AquaSpark and Ideosource. Having access to yield data can help fish farmers build a more profitable business, which will be an area of focus for SE Asian governments in the coming years.