Delivery Science have custom built software that provides real time proof of delivery as well as vehicle tracking system meaning companies can track the movement of fleets and the delivery of goods. They’ve also built inventory management and reconciliation, fleet management and a feedback mechanic. Their agreements are designed to be at a zero-cost of hardware thereby making clients spend less money for much more value.

How they’re disrupting

Delivery Science offers Enterprise SaaS solutions at a fraction of the cost of regular Enterprise solutions and at double the value. Their solutions are primarily targeted at large organisations who serve Nigerians in various industries like FMCG, oil and gas, transportation and financial services. They are disrupting the industry by helping organisations move products smarter and more efficiently, using technology.

Disruption potential

With a population currently estimated at 186 million and growing 2.3% annually, smart logistics and supply can engender economic growth as companies get products to market at better value.

Investments and future

Delivery Science received a Seed round of $500k from Africa Angels Network. There are plans for expansion to other African countries with the likes of Ghana, Kenya, South Africa.