CropX is an ag-analytics company that has developed the world’s most advanced adaptive irrigation service which automatically optimises irrigation, delivering dramatic crop yield increase and water and energy cost savings to farms. Agricultural land is rarely uniform; different parts of any field require different amounts of irrigation. CropX uses three simple, low-cost soil sensors to collect data, along with cloud-based analytics to run algorithms and generate adaptive irrigation maps so farmers have a better handle on where their water is going.

How they’re disrupting

Current irrigation systems water fields evenly, thereby wasting water and energy and repressing crop yield, by inadvertently overwatering parts of a field while under-watering other parts. This also results in harmful leachate and runoff of fertiliser and pesticide chemicals, which impact the environment. CropX’s automated, adaptive differential irrigation solution successfully addresses this challenge. No other product automatically generates daily, accurate, hassle-free, irrigation maps, which apply just the right amount of water to different parts of the same field.

Disruption potential

Crop yield enhancement is a $2.5 trillion market, but according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 90% of farmers currently don’t use anything to optimise irrigation.

Investments and future

CropX has received $10 million of investment to date, completing their most recent $1 million Series A round in April 2016. Investors include Finistere Ventures, Innovation Endeavors, GreenSoil Investments and OurCrowd, among others.