SCiO is the world’s first molecular sensor that fits in the palm of your hand. With SCiO, you can scan just about anything and get instant relevant information directly to your smartphone. The device captures information about the chemical make up of the physical world around you, allowing you to learn how many calories, carbs or proteins are in your shake, when an avocado is going to ripen, or even identify different medicines and pills.

How they’re disrupting

SCiO puts laboratory-grade equipment for the analysis of substances, into the hands of everyone. Equivalent laboratory apparatus usually retail for several thousands of dollars and require scientific training to operate and make sense of results.

Disruption potential

SCiO’s use is so wide ranging within food and healthcare alone, that is could be of use to anyone in the world.

Investments and future

Over $11.5 million has been raised in investments to date. SCiO was able to raise $2.8 million on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter alone, surpassing its initial request for $200,000. Development company Consumer Physics won several awards in 2015 such as The World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers Award, the Netexplo UNESCO Award, The Edison Award Bronze Medal, and the CES Innovation Honoree in 2016.