The Luer-Jack syringe provides a one-hand solution facilitating safer conditions for performing injections and cannula insertions. Based on the leverage effect, the “click and release” feature performs safe, efficient disconnections from needles and any other medical luer connections.

How they’re disrupting

Healthcare professionals can use syringes up to twenty times daily – under stress, and situations where needlestick injuries often occur. Avoiding contamination when using a syringe repeatedly on several hubs/connections is often difficult. The Luer-Jack syringe enables healthcare workers to release the needle after use, making it possible to carry out the entire procedure with one hand with reduced risk of cross contamination of healthcare acquired infections to patients and reduced risk of needlestick injury to healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Disruption potential

35 billion syringes sold worldwide each year.

Investments and future

ConceptoMed has raised an investment total of $16.75M in 5 rounds, the most recent of those being a private equity investment of $12 million in February 2016. Strong focus on intellectual property rights and current patent grants has reduced investment risks, making ConceptoMed an attractive investment opportunity.