ClassDojo is a communication platform that helps teachers, parents, and students share what’s happening throughout the school day using photos, videos, and messages. The idea is to help parents guide conversations at home and support or enhance the learning and development of their children at school. With ClassDojo, classrooms and schools become close-knit communities, connected by the shared belief that they will improve education together.

How they’re disrupting

Communications between teachers and parents is often reduced to a number of set times per year. Class Dojo provides a more agile and responsive communication system that allows teachers and parents to work more closely, even on a daily basis, guiding their student/child to a better learning/school experience.

Disruption potential

ClassDojo’s mission is to create communities of teachers, parents, and students, and give them the power to change education from the ground up, in every classroom in the world.

Investments and future

Founded in 2011, ClassDojo has raised $30 million of investment to date, having recently completed a $20m Series B in April 2016. The technology is currently being used in over 100,000 schools in the US, but the company plan to expand to schools across the world.