Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems (CBAS) is developing a permanently integrated smart device that will act as the interface between the limb and any prosthesis – a connector between a patient’s soft-tissue or neural systems and their bionic device.

How they’re disrupting

The traditional and old fashioned ‘stump-and-socket’ model is still being used today, even as prosthetics become increasingly advanced. CBAS’s device will provide an open standard connector to allow a number of ‘plug-and-play’ prosthetic attachments for amputees. It is designed to reduce the pain and discomfort experienced by a patient wearing a prosthetic, ultimately providing a higher quality of life.

Disruption potential

There is over 10 million amputees worldwide.

Investments and future

CBAS’s product is currently in prototype stage. The team are hoping to bring it to market within the next few years and are about to commence pre-clinical trials in early 2016. The company scooped the £50k Mass Challenge Diamond Award from a list of over 2,250 startups who applied in 2015.