Farmers input basic data about each cow, including birth date, vaccinations, medication, pregnancies, and weight, into the Bovcontrol app. Information can be saved offline in the field and then uploaded once a farmer has returned into phone service. Once data is entered, the system can translate the numbers into graphs and timelines, making it easier for farmers to know what’s going with their animals. Bovcontrol can also generate useful insights for farmers, for example tracking the cows during pregnancy, even predicting when they’ll give birth with a push alert to the farmer’s phone.

How they’re disrupting

Bovcontrol is a data collection and analysis tool improving performance on meat, milk and genetics production. Science and field practice bonding like never before. Bovcontrol allows farmers to realise the true potential of their cows, and provides advice and pointers on how to achieve this. The technology also reduces the chance of mistakes when registering and recording herd data.

Disruption potential

The beef industry is worth $40 billion worldwide.

Investments and future

Bovcontrol has received $701k of equity funding to date, with heavy investment participation from Wayra since the company was founded back in 2012.