Biscuit is an energy management platform for consumer and commercial real estate. It uses machine learning to profile and predict usage, while providing total control to the user. Whilst currently in stealth-mode, their vision is to be a full-stack company, plugged into the entire connected home setup.

How they’re disrupting

Biscuit enables the largest property developers to automatically manage energy supply across vast property portfolios by leveraging their proprietary algorithms and actuation platform. Biscuit is unique in that it’s technology can enable large-scale staggering of electric loads, which can ultimately smoothen out the load on power grids, making the entire supply-demand considerably more efficient.

Disruption potential

In 2016, there will be over 250 million connected homes. By 2018, that number will double. As industries, homes and offices transition from the offline world to the online, these spaces will become an extension of our digital lives.

Investments and future

Biscuit has received $1.5 million in seed funding to date. In the long-term, the goal is to facilitate almost completely independent last mile micro-grids in dense urban environments.