Bioserenity is a Parisian startup developing a wearable epilepsy diagnosis device. The long-sleeved t-shirt and skull-cap named ‘Neuronaute’ which is embedded with biometric sensors, feeds information to the wearer’s smartphone which is then uploaded to the cloud for analysis.

How they’re disrupting

By incorporating the biometric sensor technology into clothing, the diagnosis monitoring period is no longer limited to a few hours spent in a hospital, and a firm diagnosis can be made in a matter of days or weeks instead of potentially years of consultation.

Disruption potential

In Europe alone, there are 6 million epileptic patients, of which only 50% receive adequate treatment.

Investments and future

Data collected from Neuronaute devices will be uploaded to a cloud platform for analysis, allowing the medical community to gain a better insight into the disease. The company has received $3.2m seed stage investment from Kurma Diagnostics and Idinvest Partners in November 2015.