Belong scans millions of profiles across social media, internet and public sources to identify potential candidates for jobs. They use big data and a set of rules to tell which person is likely to move jobs and most interesting, which will match the cultural fit of their client.

How they’re disrupting

Belong is perfect for recruiting ‘passive’ talent. With most recruitment still happening through connections or referrals, it can be tough for employers to find great talent buried inside a company. With 30 or so clients on their books, Belong’s revenues have been growing at a healthy 40-50% month on month.

Disruption potential

12 million are entering India’s job market every year, which is currently valued at $800 million.

Investments and future

Last year they raised a Series A of $5 million with a view to build out their technology and recruit a bigger team. The latter we’d assume, using their own platorm.